Breakout Session A

Breakout Session A - 9:00am - 10:00am

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Demystifying Virtual Education - Tamra Lanning - H 106 - Virtual education can be provided in house through a district based model. Your school district can provide virtual/blended learning to students in a home setting. Virtual/blended learning can also be introduced into a brick and mortar setting to offer courses that students may not have otherwise had the opportunity to participate in. *

Gimkit, Quizlet, & Kahoot! Oh my! - Barbara Quintard - CE 110 - In an interactive presentation, I will compare the features of these 3 quiz websites so that teachers can make an informed decision about which will best meet their students' learning goals.

Making Behavior a More Positive Experience Using ClassDojo - Bradley Reece - H 112 - Teachers will learn the ins and outs of how to set up ClassDojo and also ways to use it more effectively to improve behavior and parent communication.

Using Versal to develop an online course - Erin Hattabaugh - CE 105 - I will share my experiences with Versal and how I utilized it to create an online course that students can proceed at their own pace. I will also give tips on how can be easily used as a sub plan when out for one day of lessons. Versal is an online platform that can serve as a container for all your activities and lesson components which includes formative and summative assessments. It contains numerous gadgets that are interactive for the students. I have utilized this to train my students to be certified EKG technicians. For more info see

Technology in the Gym - Pam Hindman - H 125 - I am a PE teacher who has adapted technology in my classroom in different ways. I will demonstrate how students can use the iPad to get an individualized set of exercises for a warm up and the teacher can have a record of their work.

Protecting Yourself Online : Is Your Information Safe? - Donna Mitchell - Lib 118 - Is your personal information safe? Are our students safe? We live in a digital world that can sometimes be dangerous. From social media to websites, a look at Digital Citizenship and how we can keep ourselves (students/adults) safe in a world with no privacy. How long would it take me to find you on the Internet?

Intro to the New Google Classroom - Pam Coleman - H 225 - Participants will learn how to navigate Classroom, create assignments, add a co-teacher, allow students to join with a code, group assignments, and much more!

Makerspaces and redesigning the classroom - Jill Pierce - CE 104 - Do you know what a makerspace is and how to start one in a school district? This session will show you some resources on how to start your own makerspace and examples on how other districts have done theirs.

Google 101- Taffe Bishop - Lib 217 - Beginners Only! Come learn the basics of Google Drive and get a taste of how to incorporate Google in your classroom.

Grab Your Digital Passport with Google Tour Builder - Marcus Borders - H 219 - Are you: Tired of planning field trips? Frustrated with documenting and collecting money for your students to have real-life experiences? Or are you simply searching for a connection to your unit? Grab your tickets! Learn how to create an interactive virtual space with Google Tour Builder. Tour Builder allows you to take students to anywhere in the world! Learning becomes interactive with it's ability to embed videos and web content.

Engaging Ways To Make Learning Fun - Njemele Bush - Lib 120 - In this presentation, teachers will be actively involved in using a number of tech tools that will enhance their classroom environment. Quizizz, Go Formative, Kahoot and Quizlet Live are just a few of the formative assessment tools that will displayed and discussed. Green screen creations and presentation building will also be presented. Teachers will leave this session with a number of tech tools that they can use for the upcoming school year. This will be a great session to grow as an educator!

Increase Student Engagement with Gameful Learning - Kali Alford - H 208 - How can students become so engaged playing games like Fortnite, but forget to do homework? The answer lies in the way games are designed. What if we used the principles of game design that keep students engaged in our classrooms? Come find out how Gameful Learning can increase student engagement in your classroom!

Green Screening with DoInk - Lauren Suits - H 108 - Come see how to engage your students by using a green screen for classroom projects!

* TASL Credit Approved

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