Breakout Session D

Breakout Session D - 1:40pm - 2:40pm

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Administrator guide to social media and privacy and your schools - Jill Pierce - CE 104 - In this session we will talk about the ways a school or school district can use social media and websites to really market themselves. We will also talk about the things a administrator needs to know about privacy and their Teachers. *

Bring Coding & STEAM into any Classroom with Ozobot - Ann Marie Carrier - H 109 - Come and learn how Ozobots can be used to design interactive lessons for your students that engage and intrigue every learner with this hands-on Mini-bot camp! Create code to command these small robots how to move while covering important content. Pre-built lessons ready for your use.

How to Use Technology to Up Your Parent Involvement - Bradley Reece - H 112 - I will introduce several ways that I use technology in my classroom to help parents become more involved. I'll also introduce Screencastify as a way to extend learning to parents.

Gamify Your Classroom! - Danielle McClary - CE 110 - Apps such as Kahoot!, Quizizz, Quizlet Live, etc. will be presented along with ideas on how to "gamify" classrooms. Focus will be on how to use these apps and ideas when teaching vocabulary, key people/terms, and reviewing key concepts. Keeping students engaged through a "gaming" environment will be the key topic. Other resources, websites, and books will also be shared.

The "I's" Have It - Ipads that is. iPad Apps for Grades 3-5 - Shelly Earls - H 108 - Presentation on favorite apps to use in the 3-5 classrooms.

Let's Get Techy: Top Tips, Apps, Websites, Tools and More - Donna Mitchell - Lib 118 - Did you know you could do that? Introduction to the many tools/tips (apps, websites, extensions, gadgets, etc.) teachers and administrators can use to save time and make their lives easier.

Get Googley with Slides - Teresa Scoggins - Lib 120 - Learn how to create an interactive table of contents, create digital books, create newsletters , and more with Google Slides.

Put your life on Autopilot - Andrew Coggin - H 123 - Learn how to use technology to take care of things so you can focus on what is most important in your life. Utilizing automation techniques you can make your daily life run smoother while focusing on what is most important.

Google 101- Taffe Bishop - Lib 217 - Beginners Only! Come learn the basics of Google Drive and get a taste of how to incorporate Google in your classroom.

Wait! Google Forms Does MORE than collect data!? - Marcus Borders - H 219 - Did you know the Google Forms can do more than just collect data? Can a simple Google Form allow students to select their own learning path? Absolutely! This session will focus on creating experiences for students in a K-12 environment. Participants will learn how the interactivity within these tools all students to: explore, create, and document mastery of skills within Google Forms. These tools can serve as a repository for units and single lessons without the need for having students shuffle through multiple websites and task sheets.

Personalized Learning Classroom Simulation - Kelly Freiheit and Daniel Johnson - H 106 - Experience a personalized learning classroom simulation as a learner and through this experience learn what personalized learning is and could look like for your school or district.

Increase STEM Engagement with EARSKETCH - Kali Alford - H 225 - How many students do you see every day wearing headphones listening to music? What if we could use that level of engagement to generate an interest in coding? With Earsketch, we can! The tool combines easy-to-learn code commands with music samples, creating a fun and engaging way for students to learn to code while they express their musical genius.

Tour My Google Classroom - Julie Faulkner - CE 105 - In this session, I will open the virtual doors of my Google Classroom to share how I use it as an extension of my traditional high school English classroom to communicate, post announcements, collect assignments, host discussions, organize myself, host "live" conferences on student work, and more. On the tour, participants will visit the different areas of my Google Classroom not only to gain actionable ideas regarding instruction for secondary classes (in English and beyond), but they will also see practical ways that a Google Classroom functions and can be used.

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